The STV Alpentänzer Schuhplattler perform traditional Austrian and Bavarian folk dances and music throughout Northern California and Northern Nevada. If you would like our troupe to add Old World entertainment, fun, and authenticity to your Oktoberfest or other event, please find the details below.
Performance details:

A typical performance lasts approximately two hours, with appropriate breaks, and it consists of the following (durations are approximate):

  • two 20-minute sets of dancers performing traditional Austrian and Bavarian folk dances, accompanied by our live band, the Alpentanzkapelle (ATK),
  • one 10-minute audience participation walking dance (the Auftanz) led by some of our dancers and accompanied by the ATK, and
  • 50 minutes of the ATK playing Oktoberfest-style music (primarily waltzes and polkas) either before, after, or alternating with the dance activities.
  • All performers are dressed in authentic Austrian or Bavarian Tracht imported from our suppliers in Germany.
  • We set up, operate, and take down our own sound and public address system.
  • As a volunteer organization, we cannot guarantee a minimum number of performers, but most of our performances feature at least 20 participants (dancers, musicians, and sound crew).


Our fee for a typical performance in the Greater Sacramento area is $1,200, plus food and drink for our performers where possible. The ATK is available to play additional Oktoberfest-style music at $350 per hour plus one additional drink per musician and sound crew per hour and with appropriate breaks.
We are happy to help with making your event a success. If you wish to have us provide entertainment for more than two hours, or if you would like to schedule our performance around your other event activities, please get in touch with us at the listed email address below for available options.

If your event is located outside the Greater Sacramento area, we will charge an additional fee, depending on the distance, that we pass on to our performers to help offset their travel expenses. If you cannot provide food or drink to our performers at your event, we will charge an additional fee to help us supply a post-performance meal to our performers at an alternate location.
Facility requirements:
Our dancers require a dance area sized at least 15 ft. x 15 ft., which is as level as possible and made of smooth hardwood, laminate, fiberglass, linoleum, or polished concrete. Many of our clients choose to rent dance floors. To avoid injury and prevent undue wear on their shoes, our dancers will not perform on carpet, asphalt, rough concrete, or other rough or uneven surfaces. The ATK typically requires a 12 ft. x 15 ft. space or similar and a regular 110V electrical outlet within 50 feet.

We offer discounts to organizations that book performances with us on multiple days during the same Oktoberfest season.

Please visit our online calendar to check our availability. To book a performance at your event, please send an email to For Oktoberfest season bookings during the months of September and October, we highly recommend that you contact us no later than the end of January.